Better places for people launches a new study

“Air quality in the built environment” campaign

For the third consecutive year, Saint-Gobain is supporting the campaign “Air quality in the built environment”, launched by World Green Building Council (WGBC) on April 24th, which is part of their Better places for people global project.

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Throughout the campaign, the goal is to increase awareness and develop understanding of threats to human and planetary health and the consequential economic impacts of indoor and outdoor air pollution. It also provides kickstart solutions for a broad audience of stakeholders concerned or involved in the building and construction sector, putting the stress on how green buildings are a key part of the solution for a healthier and more sustainable built environment in both developing and developed nations.

Several key messages are tackled by Air Quality in the Built Environment campaign. For instance, it highlights the necessity to lower operational and embodied emissions by reducing short-lived climate pollutants and greenhouse gases emission across the entire life cycle of a building, from the construction phase to demolition and waste. The focus is also made on the importance of promoting sustainable building materials which not only are non-toxic but also can have a positive impact being air-purifying. Discover the full campaign here.

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