CSR commitments

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments guide Saint-Gobain’s actions to reduce the environmental, social, and societal impacts of its operations and solutions. It takes into account both the Group’s strategy and its stakeholders’ expectations.

Our commitments towards CSR rely on our CSR roadmap. Moreover, developing and distributing more sustainable solutions to create great living places that guarantee the wellbeing of both individuals and society as a whole, are the fundamentals of our brand promise. The commitments are at the core of our DNA and are declined in six pillars:

To discover more: Access to the URD, COP 

URD: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/sgo_2020_urd_en_mel2_210401.pdf

COP: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/ungc-production/attachments/cop_2020/484522/original/COP2019Saint-Gobain.pdf?1585331276



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1. Business Ethics: 

The Group is committed to supporting its employees in the fair and responsible practice of their profession and to working in a fair and ethical manner with suppliers and throughout the supply chain. Responsible and ethical business practices enable sustainable partnerships based on trust. 

To discover more: Access to the Principle of Conduct and Action; Anticorruption policy, Human Rights policy, Policy on the Group alert system, Supplier charter; Purchaser charter

PCA: https://www.saint-gobain.co.in/sites/saint-gobain.co.in/files/inline files/Principles%20of%20Conduct%20and%20Action.pdf

Anticorruption policy: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/politique_anticorruption_va.pdf

Human Rights policy:https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/politique_dh_va.pdf

Policy on the Group alert system: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/politique_alerte_va.pdf

Supplier charter: https://www.saint-gobain-northamerica.com/sites/default/files/SG_Charte_fournisseurs_1.pdf

Purchaser charter: https://www.saint-gobain-northamerica.com/sites/default/files/publication/Purchasers%20Charter_FR%20EN_2016.pdf


2. Climate change

The Group is committed to offering solutions that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions, and to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. But also to fight against the effects of climate change, in particular, to preserve biodiversity and to face the increase in the number of water-stressed areas

To discover more: Access to the Biodiversity policy; CDP climate; CDP water

Biodiversity policy: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/a4_group_biodiversity_policy_-_en.pdf

CDP climate: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/cdp_cc_2020_final_sans_sc.pdf

CDP water: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/saint-gobain_cdp_water_security_questionnaire_2020.pdf


3. Circular economy

The Group is committed to responsible resource management and to eliminating non-recyclable raw materials. It participates in the development of a circular economy: collection, recycling and recovery of waste.

To discover more: Access to the EPDs on the website


4. Health and safety across the entire value chain

The Group is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees, temporary workers, and subcontractors on its sites, but also to ensuring the health and safety of its external stakeholders, in particular customers and suppliers.

To discover more: Access to the EHS charter

EHS charter: https://www.saint-gobain.com/sites/sgcom.master/files/5_charte_ehs_english.pdf


5. Employee engagement and diversity

The Group is committed to creating a motivating and engaging work environment for all its employees. In addition, Saint-Gobain fosters inclusion and promotes all forms of diversity.

To discover more: Access to the Principle of Conduct and Action

PCA: https://www.saint-gobain.co.in/sites/saint-gobain.co.in/files/inline files/Principles%20of%20Conduct%20and%20Action.pdf


6. Inclusive growth

The Group is committed to contributing to the challenges of local communities in synergy with its markets, sites, and organizations in the countries where it operates, and through philanthropic actions and employee involvement.

To discover more: Access to the Annual Report Foundation 

Annual report: https://fr.zone-secure.net/191794/1290634/#page=1